Thursday, February 3, 2011


I let go of you tonight. Well there really wasn’t much to let go of. But I let go.

For some reason I thought you wouldn't hurt me. I was so blinded by you and your ways.

I threw away your shirt. I kept it in hopes to wear it again, I knew this would never happen so I really don’t know why I kept it.

I deleted you from facebook. it reminds me of something I would of done 6 years ago. but I needed you gone.

I deleted all of our texts. I might miss it for a couple of days. But I know I’m better than you and your bullshit.

In the back of my mind I knew you would never pick me. I’m glad you didn’t.

If you text me asking how I’m doing. I’ll simply reply saying please lose my number and the next time I cross your mind and you wonder how I am. I’ll be doing just fine. I promise.

I hope you someday realize your an ass and change your ways, let down every wall you’ve built up and fall in love and commit to someone amazing.

I really do wish you the best.

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