Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For me it's always seems easier to just walk away and leave. I think for the most part people would agree, its always easier to walk away and never look back. Lately I've become more of the person that doesn't really want to deal with life and its problems so I don't think about them or at least try to not think about them. Thats what scares me more than anything is because I know exactly where all this is coming from. I've lived in a home for the past 12 years that its just the norm to not deal with life, and I have this great fear that I'm gonna turn out to be exactly like the man that sits in that chair every night and hardly ever says a word and drinks most nights because thats how he deals. thats what gets him through. I always fail to realize that there is a God who loves me unconditionally and why I always fail to realize that. My problems may be big, but my God is bigger. I know that I have been made into a strong enough person to ever become that man that sits in that chair everynight because he can't deal.

all of my life
in every season
you are still God.

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