Friday, November 11, 2011


. this is going to be such a lucky day. and I hope I have lucky things happen to me.
. 11:11 is my favorite time and I love when I look down at the clock just to see what time it is and its 11:11
. You know I can wish a lot of things about myself I want whiter teeth, be skinner, be tanner, and whatever else. but I don't really know why.
. I had a really good day and night today. I'm glad that I'm making friends with new people that has never been my strongest point.
. Winter is the loneliest time its so gloomy and cold. and thats when I hate being alone the most.
. You know things are different with my Dad and he's happy, but I still don't have the desire to go back home and be there like my friends do all the time when they go home and spend hours there. I think this will always be a situation where I will always feel indifferent about.
. maybe you deserve better.
. some things change and some things never do and some things stay the same.
. I saw an old friend today. it was awkward. but I wish it wasn't and I wish nothing ever changed.
. Its hard to want somebody to get you and understand you. but how do you do that when you don't even understand yourself.
. Its fixing to pass the 12 year mark of my moms death and in a sense it gets easier but it gets harder every time. December 26th I hope you fly by.


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