Friday, November 4, 2011

. Just being honest I wanna get in my car and drive drive drive drive drive drive drive until there is absolutely nothing around. I'd like that.
. and the truth of the matter is I'm not sure I'm really wanted around here anymore.
. I can't figure out if its me or them. maybe it's me. maybe both. but I can tell you one thing not a single damn thing is the same.
. If you don't like it here, then leave.
. I wish I had Christmas movies to watch they make me beyond happy and if my room was decorated in twinkle lights. oh geez thats pure bliss right there and maybe some hot cocoa and my favorite cuddle partner. yeah thats the perfect night right there oh and maybe some frost on the windows. oh man. yes.
. I hope this is all that you've dreamed of.
. I'm far to complicated of a person and at the end of the day I'm pretty much beyond the point of being a mess.
. But I'm happy.

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