Wednesday, October 19, 2011

oh you know.

. I called you the other day for the first time just to tell you about my life and what was going on. you seemed happy for me. thank you. I cried knowing that for once you were happy for me. you don't know how long I've needed that. thank you dad.
. I went to the taylor swift concert this past saturday. walking in I saw a dad taking his three young daughters to see her perform. I hope I marry a man like this someday. I won't settle for less than a man who will love his children unconditionally.
. Really take a look at your life. you have nothing to hate. you live a beautiful life.
. I had a random act of kindness done for me today. it really did make my whole day.
. You know the truth is I haven't a clue anymore. and I'm learning to just go with it. I'm doing pretty good.
. You're pretty dang good at leavin people with that feel like crap feeling.
. I wish more than anything that I had more memories of my mom. but I've only got a few. and I hold on to them like nothing else. she was a beautiful person inside and out.
. I really do think everything is turning out just how it should. I'm at a really happy place in life.
. I decided where I stand on drinking. and I make my choices based on how I see my family deal with alcohol. I remember being 13 and my dad calling my sister to come get him cause he was so drunk. I'm not willing to walk down that path.
. Its time for you to grow up. act 31. for the love of God.
. you are an amazing person. beyond amazing. and I don't even think you know how quite amazing you are.
. I interviewed for my first "real" job today. my bestfriends texted me wishing me the best of luck cause I was so nervous. the little things like that really really make me happy.
. You don't even have a clue. do you?
. I don't think you quite know how to just be there for someone. just to be there. thats all. thats really all.
. I wish I had a really good rain playlist to listen to when it rains.
. I'm currently sitting here writing this listening to eric church. i love his music.
. All I wanna do right now is play the sims. geez.
. The reason I don't wanna drink, is because it scares me that someday maybe I won't be able to handle it just as you can't.
. I wish I could go back to the very beginning of summer sometimes.
. Summer to me is just so simple and easy. and that is literally what I live for.
. So I'd give anything to be sitting at the lake right now no makeup my hair is a mess without a care in the world.

my thoughts lately. okay bye.

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