Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I really don't know what I want anymore. life wise. like career wise. but then again I'm only 19. so thats okay right.
I always listen to the same music when I write.
People who genuinely love people with all that they've got. makes me happier then you'll ever know.
I want to change lives someday. and I think you can change lives in whatever you do. some people don't think that. but you really can. i promise.
Looking at your facebook and seeing who you are now. reminds me that I don't know you anymore. that breaks my heart. but you seem happy. so thats good.
Its stupid to stay together when it just seems like the right thing. so you do all the right things. but at the end of the day sometimes its just not going to work out. and you'll be okay.
The month of may has been my favorite month of 2011.
I've been to counseling 2 times in my life. i'm sad that I was ever ashamed of that. its okay to go to counseling. it doesn't mean your crazy or whatever people think these days.
I'm really self conscious of my body. i'll get over it.
I hope I get to live in texas someday. I googled small towns in texas the other day. they were beautiful. now if only dillon, texas existed.
I really am a mess.
You really do make me proud.
I'm learning to be more supportive even when I don't understand it.
I'm far to quick to speak sometimes. and I normally regret it all the minute it comes out of my mouth.
I've had the hardest times of my life in the fall and winter, but I've got a really happy feeling about this fall and winter. I feel like it's a God thing.
I wish I remembered my dreams, cause I feel like I've got really good ones.
You've seemed really good when you call lately. I'm glad.

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