Tuesday, September 27, 2011

la la la la la

. You've got a really weird way of making me feel like crap.
. I really have the urge to be in texas right now. it just seems like the fun thing to do.
. I think sometimes its okay to think about people you know you shouldn't who doesn't?
. I get my feelings hurt to easily.
. I thank God everyday for answering that prayer.
. Some people really get me, and some really don't. but thats normal. and thats life.
. I'll never apologize for being me.
. The funniest thing I heard today was that my dad bought a bowling alley. it made me laugh so hard. random fact.
. I think I might start going to counseling again. I wanna get over it. but I don't know how anymore.
. I'm not ashamed to post anything on here. so sorry if you think I'm weird.
. The littlest things make my day, I saw a shooting star tonight it made me so happy.
. I'm learning to just walk away from the silly things.
. I try to never sad or mad tweet.
. I wish I was a beautiful dancer. i have no rhythm. so I do it for the laughs.
. My sisters business is closing down, I'm sad to see her dream go away. and be unsuccessful. but i see a lot of good in it for her. it will be okay. i promise. through thick and thin.


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